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Gluing with perfection at PackExpo International 2018

Gluing with perfection at PackExpo International 2018

PackExpo 2018, Chicago: Robatech presents latest technologies and services for an enhanced packaging experience.

Meet modern, sustainable, leading-edge technologies and services for an optimized gluing process in the packaging industry at our booth 4352 in the South Hall. As the technology leader, we always look at new possibilities to improve the gluing process. For example, with our SX LongLife: This insulated jetting head is perfect for precision dot and bead application at medium to high speeds. With 200 million operating cycles, it’s one of the longest-lasting models in the industry. Our new automatic filling system, RobaFeed 3, protects the operator from possible dangers, ensures system availability, and provides a more efficient production.

With new equipment and technologies and new interfaces enhancing operating, monitoring and maintenance, we are welcoming the future. Our newest technology enables central management via the machine control – even per remote access using a smartphone or tablet. Thus, the adhesive systems are ready for the “Industry 4.0” concept and enable a prompt response as well as predictive and preventive maintenance. The focus on Industry 4.0 is not a remote prospect for Robatech anymore but can be lived here and now.

Green products for a green future Robatech focuses on green adhesive application solutions to enable efficient use, reduce waste and to help preserve natural resources. With our AntiSlip Gluing we offer a cost-effective and very environmentally friendly solution for stabilizing your pallets.
Using AntiSlip Gluing, the need to stretch-wrap each pallet is drastically reduced, and pallet integrity and stability during transport and storage are still assured. With this we support a sustainable future.

Be sure to stop by our booth S-4352 and see our innovative products on display in Chicago. Use our Promo Code 75K94 to get your free ticket!

About Robatech

Robatech with headquarters in Switzerland, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality application systems for industrial glue application. Our precise adhesive application equipment supports our customers in different industries in the efficient processing of hot melt adhesive and cold glue. As service and technology leader for green adhesive application solutions, we count on sustainability. Our products – manufactured partly using solar energy - are energy- and consumption-optimized and thus reduce environmental pollution. Gluing technology. Global and close. We are present in 70 countries. Our Robatech representation in your country is looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your adhesive application.

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