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The RobaPUR 2 MOD adhesive adhesive melter is designed for processing different hot melt adhesives hot melt adhesives in block, granular, and cushion form. Particularly developed for demand-depending melting (Melt-on-Demand), it is suitable for processing almost all commercially available PUR adhesives as well as for PSA, EVA, and APAO hot melt adhesives.

The overall design of the RobaPUR 2 MOD is tailored to flexible production with short retrofit times. Switching between reactive and thermoplastic adhesives as well as color changes are quick and easy – without major cleaning effort. The innovative magazine and melting concept enables a significant increase in the melting rate to up to 10 kg/h. Depending on the pump selection, the adhesive melter can achieve delivery capacities of 9 – 12 kg/h. In highly dynamic processes (SpineCoat applications, adhesive binding in perfect binder soft covers 200 – 2000 T/h), up to 50 kg/h are possible.

  • Melt-on-Demand (MOD) technology ensures comprehensive protection of the adhesive characteristics of the melted material.
  • Processing of most commercially available PUR hot melt adhesives without additional inert gas flushing and active cooling.
  • Adhesive viscosities (depending on variant and pump type): 500 - 120,000 mPas
  • Adhesives with and without inliner
  • Self-calibrating level sensor for precise filling level monitoring
  • Consistent thermal separation between heating zones and magazine for high operating safety
  • Non-stuck coating for reduced and quick adhesive changes with different color (PUR applications in the woodworking industry)
  • TRM standard graphic panel for language-independent operation
  • Integrated AS IK 40 or AS IK 10 application control

The RobaPUR 2 MOD is available in three variants with different pump configurations. With that, the adhesive melter can be tailored optimally to customer- and process-specific requirements.

1-block magazine

The 1-block magazine is suitable for simple applications with low adhesive flow.

  • Magazine for 2...2.5 kg block.
  • Basin filling: Gerotor pump GPR 12, max. 9 kg/h, viscosities from 2,500 to 120,000 mPas
  • Nozzle application: Gear pump ZPR 12, max. 12 kg/h, viscosities from 500 to 120,000 mPas
  • For adhesives without inliner

2-block magazine

The 2-block magazine is recommended for applications with high adhesive flow. Compared to the 1-block magazine, significantly less refilling intervals are required and the process performance is improved with increased production due to higher magazine filling.

1-block magazine with press

The 1-block magazine with press is available for highly dynamic processes. It was specially developed for the use in clocked PUR applications of the bookbinding industry.

  • Magazine for 2...2.5 kg block.
  • Basin filling: Gerotor pump GPR 12, max. 9 kg/h, viscosities from 2,500 to 120,000 mPas
  • PUR spine nozzle application: Gear pump ZP3 S, max. 50 kg/h, viscosities from 500 to 10,000 mPas
  • For PUR hot melt adhesives with inliner

Thanks to the high melting rate and different configurations, the RobaPUR 2 MOD can be used in different applications and processes:

  • Packaging industry ISC 200
  • Graphical industry ISC 300
  • Textile industry ISC 590
  • Wood industry ISC 690
  • Construction supply industry ISC 790
  • Automotive industry ISC 820

Typical areas of application of the RobaPUR 2 MOD are basin filling, manual application using a hand applicator, as well as bead and surface application with nozzle systems.

Technical data

Container size Ø 120 up to 128 mm, height 160 to 200 mm
Melting capacity* max. 10 kg/h at 10,000 mPas (with 2-block magazine) with PUR adhesives
max. 8 kg/h at 100,000 mPas (with 2-block magazine) with PUR adhesives
max. 10 kg/h at 10,000 mPas (with 1-block magazine and press) with PUR adhesives
max. 10 kg/h at 65,000 mPas (with EVA granulate)
Number of delivery pumps 1
Gear pumps GPR 12 I ZPR 12 I ZP 3 (for PUR spine gluing process only)
Delivery volumes GPR 12: max. 9 kg/h I ZPR 12: max. 12 kg/h I ZP 3: max. 50 kg/h
Adhesive viscosity With GPR 12: 2,500 up to max. 120,000 mPa s
With ZPR 12: 500 up to max. 120,000 mPa s
With ZP 3: 500 to 10,000 mPa s (for PUR spine gluing process only)
Operating temperature 20 to 210 °C or 68 to 410 °F / accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Hydraulic heated hose connections 3 G½“ adhesive outlets or 2 G½“ adhesive outlets and 1 bursting screw
Supply voltage 230/400 V AC, 50 / 60Hz 3LNPE, 16 A standard Europe
400 V AC 50 / 60Hz 3LPE, 16 A, with neutral point generator
200-240 V AC, 3ØPE, 32 A, standard USA-JAPAN
Weight Approx. 80 kg
Compressed air supply min. 5 bar, oil-free air class 4 according to DIN ISO 8573-1

* Reference value, depends on adhesives and conditions

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