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Robatech manufactures a comprehensive range of high-performance coating heads for applying thin films of thermoplastic adhesives and PUR hot melts.

We offer the optimum solution for a variety of adhesives, processes and production speeds in the printing, paper processing, consumer products and wood processing industries. Our integratable coating heads are a result of many years of experience in adhesive application technology. We combine this with a strong, fully adjustable mounting bracket for exact nozzle alignment.

  • Diameter: 0.5 mm to 2.6 mm
  • Continuous or intermittent surface coating
  • Maximum productivity with low life–cycle costs
  • Full modularity and compatibility with interchangeable parts. Fewer spares needed
  • Exchange service for nozzles and filters


The FKV is a wide slot-die coating head for continuous surface applications of thermoplastic or reactive hotmelts.

The compact design, fast changeover speeds and great features, makes the FKV a benchmark in pre-metered coating technology today. The FKV is typically used for laminating and profile wrapping equipment in the wood-working industry, as well as in coating and laminating systems for textiles, hygiene products, fabrics and foam materials, etc.

  • Finely adjustable coating widths from 200–2,600 mm. (manual or motorised)
  • Precisely controls the weight of the coat and reduce adhesive consumption
  • Compact construction
  • High production output
FK IT 25 / 50 / 75

Double-acting, electro-pneumatic coating heads for coating using thermoplastic adhesives in the low- to medium-viscosity range.

The FK IT 25 / 50 / 75 coating heads ensure precise cut-off at high speeds and fast switching times (cycles). The gluing process is optimized using mask technology and a cost-effective and flexible adhesive application ensured.

  • Negatively closing jetting elements for precise cut-off
  • Mask technology for a precise and reproducible application pattern
  • Adhesive viscosities: 100 – 10,000 mPas acc. to Brookfield
  • Speed, continuous coating: up to 250 m/min
  • Speed, intermittent application: up to 150 m/min
  • Compact design for easy integration
  • Option: CoolTouch insulation

The SpineCoat is a high-performance coating head for a very thin, reproducible adhesive application on the book spine.

The targeted system solution guarantees the clean melting and the volumetric pumping of PUR hotmelt adhesive with intermittent application.

  • Precise surface coating with coating thicknesses of 0.3 mm / 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm
  • Coating widths of 2 to 60 mm
  • Viscosities of 1,000 to 12,000 mPas
  • Speed: up to 5,000 books per hour
FKW 60

The FKW 60 is a highly accurate and efficient coating head for edge banding that replace the traditional contiunous-roll type.

Suitable for affordable edge banding or book binding, this coating head is characterized by precise, gentle and controlled application of hot glue and reactive PUR adhesive.

  • Coating width from 5–60 mm
  • Coating thickness from 0.3–0.5 mm
  • Fixed and adjustable slot nozzles
  • Viscosity range of 2 000–4,500 mPas
  • Precise application reduces glue consumption
  • Flexible fastening method enables a rapid change-over of the coating head to suit machines in right-hand or left-hand version
  • Capable of binding 4,500 books/hour in A4 format

The FKS is a coating head for applying adhesive in a continuous or intermittent pattern.

Suitable for thermoplastic adhesives, PSA, reactive PUR with viscosities from 100-20,000 mPas.

  • Carefully and precisely controlled, continuous, or intermittent surface coating
  • Coating width from 15–1,000mm
  • Excellent tear-off behaviour with minimal residue

About Robatech

Robatech with headquarters in Switzerland, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality application systems for industrial glue application. Our precise adhesive application equipment supports our customers in different industries in the efficient processing of hot melt adhesive and cold glue. As service and technology leader for green adhesive application solutions, we count on sustainability. Our products – manufactured partly using solar energy - are energy- and consumption-optimized and thus reduce environmental pollution. Gluing technology. Global and close. We are present in 70 countries. Our Robatech representation in your country is looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your adhesive application.

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