ECX 30 Platinum


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ECX 30 Platinum

With contact-free glue application in dot, bead and continuous patterns, the ECX 30 Platinum cold glue applicator heads are ideal for the use in folding box gluers and folder gluers.

The new generation of electrically powered ECX 30 Platinum cold glue applicator heads combines a high switching frequency with maximum life span when processing low-viscosity dispersion adhesives.

  • A very precise dot application at shortest distances and high machine speeds is ensured.
  • Adhesive viscosities of up to 4,000 mPas are processed.
  • Using the 6 VDC version, 500 operating cycles can be applied with a maximum glue pressure of 30 bar.
  • Using the 24 VDC version, 200 operating cycles can be applied with a maximum glue pressure of 15 bar.
  • A life span of 1,000 million cycles is standard.
  • The ECX 30 Platinum can be expanded with the following options: substrate guide, trigger bracket, cover slider, and glue bead monitoring.
  • Very small design with a width of 20 mm for easy integration.
  • In addition, the 6 VDC and 24 VDC variants of the ECX 30 Platinum can be combined into a multiblock. This supports glue application on a 20 mm grid in steps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12.


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