Company History


Robatech developments at a glance:


  • Market launch of the FK IT 25/50/75 coating application heads, mask technology for an efficient gluing process
  • Market launch of the RobaDrum 200 drum unloader, improved melting and pump capacity for cost-efficient processing of hot melt adhesives
  • Market launch of the ConnectorCover touch protection, bolted cover for complete insulation of the application system
  • Market launch of GranulateContainer, clean storage and problem-free delivery of adhesives in granular form
  • Anniversary: 40 years of Robatech


  • Market launch of AX Diamond, robust jetting heads for the application of low- to medium-viscosity thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.
  • Market launch of the ECX Platinum series, electrical cold glue application nozzles
  • Expansion of the plant area at Pilatusring by 1,000 m2
  • Commissioning of the photovoltaic plant, with 1,054 m2 area and an output of 150,000 kWh
  • Strategic alliance with W.H. Leary for the paper converting sector


  • Market launch of EasyStar, ergonomic hand applicator for manual application of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives
  • Market launch of Concept Diamond, extension of the Concept product series with the modernized adhesive melter
  • Market launch of SpineCoat and SideBead, area coating and bead application systems


speedstar diamond
  • Market launch of SpeedStar, the worldwide fastest electro-mechanical application nozzle
  • Market launch of RobaFeed, automatic filling system for melters
  • Electro-mechanical application nozzle Speedstar honored with the "reddot design award 2012"
  • Commissioning of the in-house hose production


  • Hand applicator ErgoStar is honored with the "IF packaging award 2011" and "reddot design award 2011"
  • Market launch of RollCoat, roller application system for product coating
  • Market launch of RobaVis and InfoPlus, device and control operation and operating data software
  • Market launch of CartoGlue LP, mobile cold glue system for up to 4 application nozzles
  • Thomas Meyer exits as Director for Strategic Marketing and Innovation


2010 greenline new
  • Market launch LabelStar R + M, wrap around labeling magazine + rollfed
  • Market launch of Gear Pump GRC (Gerotor), new gear pump for Concept series
  • Market launch of Multimelt, PUR und Hotmelt Applicator
  • Market launch of ErgoStar, Ergonomic handgun for the application EVA-, PUR-, PSA hotmelts and sealants as bead, spiral and spray, winner of the "reddot design award 2011" and "if packaging award 2011"
  • Market launch of Concept GreenLine Series with the energy saving insulation
  • Installation of 7 PurTech systems for the application of 1C-PUR for fingerjointing and faceglueing in the structural wood industry


2009 1kpur
  • Market launch of 1C- PUR adhesion for engineered wood


2008 diamond kopf
  • Market launch of SX Diamond, the first fully insulated application nozzle worldwide, providing optimum operator protection
  • Market launch of RobaPress, PUR hot melt block melter


2006 erweiterungsbau
  • Opening of the extended premises at Pilatusring: Expansion to 9 000 m2 floor space
  • Market launch of the PUR applicator MOD 4 with adhesive-preserving Melt-On-Demand technology
  • Market launch of the parameterization and monitoring software RobaPAR for all Robatech applicators and controls


2005 concept new
  • Market launch of the third generation of Concept 5/8/12/18/30 liter applicators in three versions, A/B/C, maximum compatibility with earlier applicators


2004 wrs
  • Market launch of the Wood Repair System WRS to repair and secure knot holes in solid timber
  • Market launch of PUR applicator MOD 20 with adhesive-preserving, patented Melt-On-Demand technology


2003 sk1s new
  • Market launch of the SX series, the smallest and fastest electro-pneumatic hotmelt application nozzles with innovative suspension concept and filter technology
  • Reorganization with focus on core industries to cope with the strong growth


2002 fkw300 new
  • Market launch of high-precision FKW coating heads, continuously adjustable for widths up to 2 m/6.5 ft


2001 webtack
  • Market launch of the fold gluing system Webtack, for rotary offset printing machines and for the contact application of dispersion glue and softening agents in the printing process.


2000 pilatusring gebaeude
  • The second generation of Concept 4/8/12/18/30 liter applicators offering maximum compatibility with the predecessor range are introduced
  • Move to the new company residence at Pilatusring: The factory floor space is expanded to 4 200 m2


1999 ecx new
  • Electrically operated coldglue heads ECX are introduced


1996 jumbo80
  • Market launch of the Jumbo range of large applicators (50/80/160 liters) equipped with up to 4 gear pumps
  • Market launch of the drum unloaders RMC 20/50/200 liters with tandem function
  • Leadership transition, Hans Meyer hands over management to Marcel Meyer


1995 concept reihe
  • The Concept range of 4/8/12/18 liter applicators with multifunctional ICS electronics are launched on the market. First hot melt applicator with synoptic operation, integrated error diagnostics, integrated applicator control, piston or gear pump, bus connection, auto-reset function and many other features.


1994 weyermühle
  • Inauguration of the renovated and extended premises (1 500 m2)


1992 ik40

1992 marcelmeyer

  • First high-speed applicator control IK 40 with synoptic operating interface
  • Marcel Meyer, son of the founder, joins the company as Head of Administration, today President + CEO


1985 roba mcs

  • Market introduction of Roba 30-50 MCS, microprocessor-controlled hot melt applicator systems with optional integrated applicator control.


1983 thomasmeyer
  • Thomas Meyer, son of the founder, joined the company as Sales Manager. He was Director of Innovations & Products until 2011.


1979 roba serie
  • Market launch of the Roba 30 – 50 series. This series set benchmarks, which are valid to this day, for modern adhesive application technology: precise closed loop temperature control, electronic pump reversing control, durable and fast application heads "AX 100". All this was integrated in a modular structure which was visionary at the time
  • Purchase of property and move to new company residence, with expansion of the factory floor space to 1 000m2


1975 old building
  • In 1975 our founder, Hans Meyer, created Robatech with entrepreneurial spirit and a strong customer focus. Until 1996 he led our organization to be a globally successful Swiss enterprise.

About Robatech

Robatech with headquarters in Switzerland, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality application systems for industrial glue application. Our precise adhesive application equipment supports our customers in different industries in the efficient processing of hot melt adhesive and cold glue. As service and technology leader for green adhesive application solutions, we count on sustainability. Our products – manufactured partly using solar energy - are energy- and consumption-optimized and thus reduce environmental pollution. Gluing technology. Global and close. We are present in 61 countries. Our Robatech representation in your country is looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your adhesive application.

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