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Ideally aligned products for sustainable and safe adhesive application.

Robatech offers an optimally matches product portfolio for increased efficiency during hot melt adhesive processing. The functional accessories support consumption- and energy-optimized adhesive application and increase operator safety and reliability.



The GranulateContainer is used for storage and automatic delivery of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives in granular form.

As functional extension to the proven RobaFeed program, the GranulateContainer supports clean and efficient delivery of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives in granular form in industrial production processes.

  • Option: Jumper function for granulate loosening
  • Optimum storage
  • No contamination
  • UV protection
  • Plexiglas cover for visual level control

RobaFeed 3 – automatic filling for increased safety and efficiency

The automatic filling system RobaFeed 3 fills hot melt equipment with granulate from a separate container. The system is controlled by the level monitoring of the tank. If the adhesive level falls below the defined minimum fill level the automatic filling starts. With this, an efficient adhesive application is guaranteed and prevents the tank from running empty.

The continuous filling ensures a consistent quantity of adhesive. Furthermore, the gentle melting and conveying reduces the risk of charring and nozzle blockage. An easy and fast maintenance is ensured via tank lid and in case of a system fault a manual filling can be made.

RobaFeed 3 advantages – at a glance

  • Increased operator safety and efficiency
  • Air filter neutralizes adhesive vapors
  • Continuous filling also of small quantities – consistent adhesive temperature
  • No overfilling of tank
  • Filling without adhesive contamination or clumping
  • Tank can be opened in case of maintenance or a system fault
  • Low air consumption

Increased operator safety

The automatic filling reduces the risk of burns for the operator. An optional lock prevents the tank lid from being opened by untrained personnel for more safety. An air filter cleans and neutralizes escaping adhesive vapors and is easy to replace.

Granulate feeder

The suction tube is placed into the container with the adhesive granulate. The integrated venturi with vibrator causes a negative pressure with which the granulate is aspirated and processed. As functional extension, the GranulateContainer (with or without Jumper function) supports clean storage and efficient delivery of the granulate.


The touch protection ConnectorCover covers the heated hose bolting connections and ensures a safe and energy-optimized production.

The ConnectorCover (as part of the GreenLine family) protects the operator against burns on contact and reduces heat radiation at the joints.

  • Suitable for NW6- and NW8-series heated hoses.
  • Design versions: 0º straight, 45º angled, 90º angled.
Infrared Sensor

The IR (Infrared Sensor) is an extremely sensitive method of detecting glue defects in hot melt adhesive.

  • Responds to radiated heat and generates a proportional analogue signal that is relayed to the pattern controller.
  • Compatible with all pattern controllers with AK in the code

The EasyFix hose mounts extend the life of heated hoses

EasyFix hose mounts maximize the life span of hot melt hoses and therefore reduce downtime. This easy way of hose routing keeps the cables and tubes off the floor, which prevents them from squeezing and crushing.

EasyFix is available in two different sizes to achieve an optimal fixing of our most common heated hoses NW 6, 8 and 13. The hose mounts can be installed with a standard screw M6 or a hanger. With a linking part you can bundle two or more hoses and make sure they are separated well to prevent overheating.

EasyFix advantages – at a glance

  • Increases life span of hoses and reduces parts costs – no squeezing, no crushing
  • Prevents overheating of bundled hoses and minimizes charring and nozzle blockages
  • Consistent hose temperature for high quality adhesive application
  • Increased uptime due to less system interruptions
  • Additional routing for solenoid cable and pneumatic tube
  • Increases operational safety
  • Thanks to the flexible design applicable for practically every application and environment

About Robatech

Robatech with headquarters in Switzerland, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality application systems for industrial glue application. Our precise adhesive application equipment supports our customers in different industries in the efficient processing of hot melt adhesive and cold glue. As service and technology leader for green adhesive application solutions, we count on sustainability. Our products – manufactured partly using solar energy - are energy- and consumption-optimized and thus reduce environmental pollution. Gluing technology. Global and close. We are present in 61 countries. Our Robatech representation in your country is looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your adhesive application.

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